Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked

How about your English?

My English is okay but I speak with strong accent, as I don’t have much practice (unfortunately, most of my students are not native speakers). On the other hand I read special math, IT and fiction literature every day, so my vocabulary is quite extensive.

Tomorrow my daughter has important school intermediate test (i.e. mock exam). We strongly need good mark. Can you help us by Whatsapp? I'll pay like for a full lesson.

Unfortunately, no.

My son is bad at maths, but it is crucial for him to know this subject. Can we have lessons 3-4 times a week?

Usually my students have one lesson per week with me. In exceptional cases – two times (e.g. when student who’s knowledge is poor has to pass an exam in half a year). IT IS NOT GOOD FOR CHILDREN TO HAVE CLASSES WITH A PRIVATE TUTOR MORE THAN 2 TIMES A WEEK! Such students often lack self-sufficiency.

Do you provide the first lesson completely free?

No, I don’t. But if you would like to see me before real lessons, we can make a short appointment (app. 30-40 min) in a neutral place (e.g. some coffeeshop like starbucks or coffeehaus). You can come with your child so I’ll explain you the way I teach. Also I’ll test your child and tell you what results can be expected.

My son does sport and often takes part in competitions. Still he’s quite fond of math. Additional practice once in 2 weeks for instance would be great for him. Do you provide lessons in such a way?

Yes, though there will be no fixed schedule.

Students of what international schools do/did you teach?

  • British international school
  • European Gymnasium school
  • Anglo-American School of Moscow
  • Золотое сечение
  • Dulwich college
  • Haberdashers’ School
  • International School of Moscow (ISM)

At what institutes did your former students enter?

  • Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (England)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham (England)
  • University of Edinburgh Business School (Scotland)
  • The British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada)
  • LSE
  • Delft University of Technology
Any other questions?

Call me.