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Are you acquainted with programme Integrated mathematics, especially with IM2 и IM3?

Yes, in Russia this program is used only in AAS from 6 to 10 grade. I can cope with explanation details at this point.

Have you ever used Raspberry Pi for solving applied problems with your students?

Yes. Once I suggested to use Raspberry Pi for a school astronomy project, as it wouldn’t be that interesting with a usual computer without pins. So we linked light diodes up to a star map and switched on different colours depending on stars age.

There is a lot of English-language literature dedicated to these single-board computes which can be used not only for astronomy lessons but even for music processing. I can also show some interesting features about them, you can read more in the article about robotics.

We live in Moscow outskirts, visiting your place would be inconvenient. Is it possible to have classes in workday evenings in Starbacks?

Sure. Actually, having classes in coffee shops is some kind of a new trend. Some people feel uncomfortable in a breakout room, some people do not appreciate inviting teachers to their place. That's why classes in coffee shops (especially in coffee shops, not in cafes, where people just eat silently) makes an alternative. Actually while in Canada I also witnessed the same practice.

Thank you for your website! Our son is extremely good at Math, at the moment we are working on both Maths HL and Further HL. Could you suggest some literature that can be interesting for advanced level students?

Sure, with great pleasure:

  • John Barnes, “Nice Numbers”
  • Ian Stewart “Professor Stewart’s incredible numbers“

If your child can code already I can advise:

  • Paul. J.Nahin, “Computational Solutions to practical Probability Problems”

For those who are interested in integrals I suggest

  • Paul. J.Nahin, “Inside Interesting Integrals“

Russian-language books:

  • Владимир Успенский “Апология математики”
  • Арнольд В.И., “Экспериментальная математика“

Periodical literature:

  • Mathematics Magazine
  • Квант
  • Математическое просвещение
Last updated: 28.04.2019.

Any more questions?

You may call me.