robotics tutor in Moscow

Robotics in English for schoolchildren

Teaching the basics of robotics

Math is my major specialization. Still sometimes parents ask me to explain some features about robotics. Also I keep an eye on new tendencies in hand made robotics.

What I can teach:

  • Get acquainted with modern popular-scientific literature on robotics and electronics.
  • Arduino
  • Lego
  • Raspbery Pi
  • (IoT)

Why is it useful to study robotics:

  • It helps to learn quickly school physics and partly chemistry in a creative way
  • Your child won’t be freaked out by electronic inner workings

Some day it may be helpful in fixing or in understanding what happen:

  • parts of IOT and Smart Home
  • domestic appliance
  • cars (surely, only visible and not deep breakdowns)
  • Knowledge of electronic inner workings will help you to find a qualified master if necessary
  • Enjoying the satisfaction that comes with learning to repair your own equipment.

The question is: but you are a mathematician, aren’t you? How can you combine different disciplines? Yes, I am a Math teacher, but handcraft is my hobby. I would be very pleased to share my knowledge!